About the Uniselva Foundation

About us

The Foundation for Support and Development of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) - Uniselva Foundation - is a private non-profit entity, created by the professors of UFMT in accordance with Law # 8.958/94 and pursuant to Resolution CD 135/97 of December 23rd, 1997.

Established on June 10th, 2002, its purpose is to support the innumerous activities of UFMT's teaching, research, and outreach projects, institutional, scientific, and technological development, and the stimulation of innovation, through the administrative and financial management required to carry out these tasks

Uniselva Foundation headquarters, located on the campus of UFMT in Cuiabá.

Mission, Vision and Values


To support UFMT's teaching, research and outreach activities, as well as provide equal services to society in projects of the same scope, of either public or collective interest.


To be recognized as a benchmark of excellence in project management in the field of teaching, research and outreach.


  • Ethics – The commitment to ethical principles in its daily practice, respecting and taking care of the values and image of the Foundation and acting in defense of the interests of everything from the entity and supported institution, to the partners and beneficiaries;
  • Credibility – To conduct activities with integrity and transparency, adopting explicit rules around the work developed;
  • Transparency - In respect of the public interest, the publicizing of its procedures with an emphasis on the accounting of its activities;
  • Impartiality – The adoption of an impartial and committed position in its mission to support UFMT and its supplementary activities;
  • Respect for people – To respect the diversity of gender, race and opinion in its development of all activities;
  • Building of knowledge – A commitment to the dissemination of knowledge produced by academia, a rich source of information and training for the development of teaching, research and new technologies.

What we do

Created with the purpose of providing support to UFMT's teaching, research, and outreach projects, its institutional, scientific, and technological development, and the stimulation of innovation, the Uniselva Foundation, besides collaborating in the development of the academic community and providing activities that expand scientific and cultural knowledge, making them available to all of society, has its growth intrinsically related to the growth of UFMT, whether participating in the construction of important projects or present in important moments of the supported institution.

The bulk of the Uniselva Foundation's work lies in the technical-administrative management of projects or support and provisioning of services in a diverse range of areas. All of the Foundation's activities should be in line with UFMT's Institutional Development Plan (PDI).

We have a team of able collaborators to provide support for the varied demands of the supported institution, be it in the undertaking of procedures required by the funding and development agencies, both national and international, for the approval of the projects financed by them, or in the advising in the preparation of projects applicable for their funding and the management of resources granted, along with individualized administration for each project, and in addition to the rendering of other services.


The deliberative and administrative structure of the Uniselva Foundation is composed of the Curator Council, the Fiscal Council, and the Executive Board, whose members perform their functions free of charge – that is, without any pecuniary advantages as a result of their positions.

Curator Council

Chaired by the Dean of UFMT, the Curator Council is composed of six advisers, in addition to the president, and is responsible for the budget and work plan of the Foundation for each financial year, the development and operation of the Internal Regulations, and the approval of the Executive Board's financial accounts after consultation with the Fiscal Council, among other functions.

Current composition of the Curator Council of the Uniselva Foundation

Cristiano Maciel

Carlos Magno Mendes
Representative of the Dean of UFMT

Elisabeth Aparecida Furtado de Mendonça
Representative of the Dean of UFMT

Marco Antônio Araújo Pinto
Representative of the Board of Directors of UFMT

Áurea Christina de Paula Corrêa
Representative of the University Council of UFMT (Consuni)

Éber Luis Capistrano Martins
Representative of the Council of Teaching, Research and Outreach of UFMT (Consepe)

Millane Chaves da Silva
Representative of the External Community to UFMT

Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council, composed of five members, is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the financial management of the University, ensuring the accuracy of the use of its resources and issuing judgments on the annual accounts to be presented to the Curator Council, among other responsibilities as set forth in the entity's Statute.

Current composition of the Fiscal Council of Uniselva

Giseli Alves Silvente
President Representative of the Faculty of Administration and Accounting Sciences (FACC)

Luis Fabrício Cirillo de Carvalho
Representative of the Dean of UFMT

Marcos Prado de Albuquerque
Representative of the Board of Directors of UFMT

Benedito Dias Pereira
Representative of the University Council of UFMT (Consuni)

Beleni Saleti Grando
Representative of the Council of Teaching, Research and Outreach of UFMT (Consepe)

Executive Board

Composed of the Director General, who also serves as Deputy Director, whilst the position remains vacant. The Executive Board is supported by the Superintendence, which manages work in the areas of Purchasing, Managerial Accounting, Financing, Importation, Tender, Data Processing, Financial Accounting, Projects, Human Resources and Secretary.

The Director General Christiano Maciel and Superintendent Sandra Maria Coelho Martins make up the current Executive Board of the Uniselva Foundation.
Av. Fernando Corrêa da Costa, 2367, Campus UFMT - Boa Esperança - CEP 78060-900 - Cuiabá - MT - CNPJ 04.845.150/0001-57 - Telefone: (65) 3318-9800